Today France is the world's fourth largest economy and second largest exporter of services. France had universities in the middle ages. Over the centuries, their faculties and graduates have made major contributions to every area of science and scholarship.

The successes of France's scientists, engineers, and designers are known around the world through Airbus, the high-speed train, the Ariane rocket, the discovery of the human immune-deficiency virus, high fashion, luxury goods, fine food and wine, and much more. France's 200+ universities and many specialized postsecondary schools are located throughout the country. Higher education is more affordable in France than in many other countries

Not surprisingly, most courses in France are taught in French, a language spoken by more than 200 million people in 50 countries. But you'll have ample opportunities to learn or practice other European languages—English, in particular. Advanced English is taught in many programs, especially in business and engineering.


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