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Admission Counselling

1. Pre-application research based on profile of candidate
2. Provide list of preference university having maximum admission chance
3. Application guidance
4. Documentation guidance – Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation, Transcripts, Essays, etc.,
5. Correspondence with the admission committee on admission status
5. One university/college minimum admission guarantee through our process provided you apply to minimum 5 to 6 universities/colleges.


These are 3 deadlines for international students

- Early deadline
- Financial aid
- Final deadline for international students

All your application material including the official TOEFL and other test scores for the ETS should reached the university before the deadline

It is very important that you apply early. Even though you might have projected yourself just right, you may be rejected just because another student with a similar people has already been admitted.

The admission office decides certain number of admission after each deadline. So, if a person with similar profile as your applied for the first round and was admitted, you would most likely not make it is you are applying for second or the third rounds but of course, you had a chance if you had applied before the early deadline.


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