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North America

1. United States of America
2. Canada
3. Other Countries

USA is a leading country for study abroad destination. There are more than 3500 accredited universities in US. US offers a lot of research opportunities and scholarships for prospective meritorious students.

UNICEF ranks Canada as the number 1 destination. Students prefer Canada because of its close proximity to the US and also because the cost of education is almost half of that in US. Canada follows pro-American system and as such the procedure for admission is same as that of US (except SAT-I / GRE which may not be required by all Canadian Universities). Both USA and Canada offers international students options to find work after completion of program and further long term settlement is also available.

Both these countries offer lots of specializations to choose from for both traditional and non-traditional streams. Some of the most popular subject areas are engineering, business management, computers. There are also courses in public health, biotechnology, bio-informatics, advertising, design, graphics and animation. Both these countries require 16 years of formal education to pursue MASTER/MBA program. However, there are few good universities which accept 15 years of education for candidates wanting to pursue MASTER/MBA. 

4 years of formal education after 12th Grade. (There are universities that accept 3 years of formal education after 12th Grade as well.)
Provision Degree or Degree Certificate
Letter of Recommendation
Statement of Purpose
Essay (if required)

The Admission processes range from 5 to 12 month before the start of intake dates as each university has their own deadline. 


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